Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My practicum story: Simply to end my January~

Assalamualaikum! Salam alaikkkkkk!
fuhhhhh fuhhhhhhhhh. dah setahun kot tak hupdate apa-apa dalam belog ni.
betul-betul usang ini belog lah!
ikut the latest update,
it was on 28th December 2013 and today it is 28th January 2014!
tak ke setahun dah berbeza tu?
Punyalah RAJIN update.
thanks to the internet.
Tak kisah la streamyx ke wimax ke.
tetap 10km/hour.
by the way,
I've started my practical last week on 20th January 2014.
SMK Assunta, PJ.
It's a girls school uols!
Girls power. hekhek!
Fuhhhh. Fuhhhh.
Assunta is a great school.
nearly 2 weeks I've been here
I'm currently enjoy teaching the girls very much!
yes, and I mean it!
I'm teaching Form 1 students.
I got 2 classes,
1 Carnation and 1 Cemara.
they are all very cute and innocent.
feel shoooooooooo motherly lah.
many funny questions I got from them.
'Teacher, are you mixed? You mixed with mid-east ya?'
no, I'm Malay-Javanese. most importantly, I'm Malaysian.
'Teacher why you teach until April only? I want you for whole year'
'Teacher, are you 19 or 20?'
so young laaaaaa me.
I'm 24 lah.
'Eh teacher, my brother is 26. you can be his friend la teacher. can i have your number?'
'Teacher, what we call a person with holes on her cheeks?'
me: errr...what do you mean?
'There, you have holes on your cheeks. The left one is deeper than the right one'
me: errrr. Dimples lah.
Teacher here.
teacher there.
Teacher everywhere.
These little kids are growing up.
macam-macam  they want to know from us.
when they show their interest,
don't feel like 'If i be good and smiling all the way, mesti mereka pijak kepala'
that's wrong.
yes, memang you need to be firm.
be firm, but approachable.
that way students will respect you even more.
set the rules.
expect them to follow the rules.
teach them to follow the rules.
remind them about the rules.
not scold them for things that they sometimes not even know that it is wrong to do.
it is not always about punishment.
it is also about rewards and compliments.
They well-behaved,
say thank you to them.
They respond to your questions,
say thank you to them.
say that thank you for your answer.
Thank you, i like that answer.
oh, I like the part when I want to end the lesson I say 'Thank you for speaking English in my class' and they respond to me, "You're very welcome teacher. See you soon! more games please!"
All work and no play make Jack a dull guy.
yes, do something fun with input.
Your students will gain the input while enjoying the game.
I'm trying my best to always include something fun for their learning.
Pray for me!
These little kiddos,
even though they are Form 1 and 2,
they want our attention as their teacher.
don't let them feel 
'alahai...teacher ni lagi...'
'alaaa...ada kelas ni ke esok'
Nopa takut gila kalau my students don't want me to enter their class.
the words 'Alaaaaa....kelas teacher Nopa...'
i dont want them to feel that way.
once your students ask you,
'Teacher, do we have class tomorrow? oh no...we don't have your class tomorrow..after this CNY then we'll meet la teacher. so longgggg!'
this is real story of mine.
the girls accepted me as their teacher.
i feel welcomed in their school, classes.
 today most students of 1 Cemara said this to me;
teacher, after CNY you still teach us, kan?'
'Don't left us teacher. it is not April yet.'

macam manalah hati tak jatuh cinta nak jadi cikgu.
maybe there is time kita pening nak siapkan lesson plan.
pening nak layan budak2yang very chatty.
pening nak layan budak to sit and do their works.
at least,
once a while,
when they show their appreciation to you,
you'll feel blessed and respected by them.

haaa...loceng dah berbunyi. 
Nopa update blog ni kat Assunta. hihi.
Nak harapkan update kat IPBA, forever tak dapat lah.
Till then,
Doakan Nopa success practicum yaaaa!
Doakan Nopa jadi teacher yang baik, ikhlas, cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang!

Salam sayang,
senyum selalu!
Ala comeynya!
search #NopaAtSchool on Instagram eh for gambar. Malas nak upload kat blog!