Monday, February 11, 2013

Resepi: Oreo butter cake

Rasa lama tak share resepi kan.
Alhamdulillah, today, I baked a cake for my bulatan gembira aka usrah, circle of souls ;)
Since the cake was a success, so lemme share the recipe for Oreo Butter Cake.
Fyi, me really fancy biscuits, especially Oreo!
Me has actually altered the recipe
from plain butter cake by adding of course, some oreo biscuits. Tehee.
So, here it is:

250g (1 cup) self raising flour
60g milk powder
250g butter

160g fine sugar OR 200g castor sugar
5 eggs
1ts vanilla essence

And of course half packet oreo!

1. Bismillahirahmanirrahim.
2. Mix 'A' until it turns 'fluffy'. Iye, pukui bagi gebu na.
3. Mix 'B' but not necessary to make fluffy. Just ensure they mixed well.
4. Fold 'A' and 'B' together until they mixed well.
5. Put the mixture into your fav springform/cake tin (make sure you greased the tin with some butter naaa). Layers with Oreo. How much? You decide! Hehe.
6. Sprinkle some oreo on top.
7. Put into the oven or steam. 30 to 35 minutes.
8. Ready to be served!

Good luck!
Norfa =)
Spread salam and smile!

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