Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Resepi : Cheese Cake

Salam Ramadan and happy fasting lovely people!

I'm updating my berhabuk blog today with a recipe. Goshhh. Dah lama nak update tapi Internet problem. The router was damaged and mobile internet is the only hope. Aiceh. Survivor konon tanpa internet!

So, wanna bake a cake?
This one is a very basic recipe of a cheese cake.

Plus, you can mix&match gitu. I mean, if you wanna blueberry to be the topping boleh, nak oreo boleh. Gitu.


250g cream cheese
200ml fresh yogurt/ fresh cream
90gm sugar
2tbs lemon juice/ orange juice
3 tbs flour

Oh..Nopa guna sepaket oreo for the base and plain yogurt changed to strawberry flavour. Hiks! ;)

Crush the oreo and mix with a tbs of butter and bake for 4 to 5 minutes.  So the base is ready!

So, to start,

1. Heat up your oven. 170° celcius ;)
2. Mix them all.
3. Dah sebati, tuang dalam base oreo tadi. The base can be changed to biskut Marie,  digestive biscuits.  Sukati ampa nohhh ;)
4. Bakar lebih kurang 40-45 minit.
5. Dah masak, biarkan sejuk sebelum dipotong!

Siappp. Topping tu boleh letak jem blueberry or strawberry or any of your choice.

Selamat mencubaaaaa!

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