Sunday, February 13, 2011


Salam and good day readers.
Well,it's Sunday.
Urgh! I hate Sunday!
Because da next day is Monday!
Mesti korang dah penat baca status aku kat FB kan.
Betapa aku meroyan bila it comes to Sunday...then Monday!

me just found one vlogger yang for me,
"Oh my! He's so cool la weyh!!"
His videos full with messages,
well said and humourous.
Promoting him eh?
Just wanna share something good.
Sharing is caring kan people?
So as me mentioned on my title:
He's also a TESLian and doing his degree kat Aussie, if i'm not mistaken lah kan.
So just you know,

Ni my favourite:

Hey guys! Proud la to be Malaysian!

This 1 pun best weyh.

sila la eja betul2 yeeew?
Sekali lagi,
Sila la eja betul2 ye!
Use shortform is ok je,
but when there are extras of "e" and "w"...
"Akak tak tido lagi keew?"
"Awak dah makan keew?"
Me dislike dislike dislike.

So peeps,
wanna some more from IniAnwarHadi?
Visit his channel on Youtube ya?

Till then,
cuddles and smooches!

Hey U!
Senyumlah sikit!

notakaki: there are haters outside saying the vloggers are trying the easiest way to become popular. Hey,com'on la haters. Atleast they have something to do. You all ada ke?Frankly saying; haters only hate the people they can't have or they can't be~cheers!!:P

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Mr. TN_SkY said...

hahaha..his video is so nice :-D>.have a message :-) cool vlog..

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