Friday, October 8, 2010

"The Attitude" by Norfa

Deep from my heart...
Words coming out...
And now...
Presenting to you...

"The Attitude"

People's attitude
Hard to expect
Hard to define
Hard to explain
Hard to control

Their attitude
Let them be
Let them happy
Let them laugh
Let them cry
Let them shout
Let them do anything they want to do
As if
Only them
Only them live in the world
Only them have the feeling
Only them have voice to speak
Only them have time to judge
But not us

Us have nothing
but to accept
Just the way they are

When we are mentally exhausted thinking about people's attitude
There are nothing much to change
They are still who they are
Maybe they don't just find a mirror to reflect themselves
Let's us stop thinking!
And live life to the fullest
Ignore those who laugh at you
Your life
Your rules!

Till then,
Cuddles and smoochies!
Hey you!
Senyumlah sikittt!


NurFarah Ain said...

my life
my rules.
one of them is:
revenge is sweet. proven. ehehehe

secara legal, i will have my revenge on them~ kekeke

NorFa NFMD said...

haha...yeah...let's revenge!**bad2 sis..ajar org revenge2 lak**

Enna Banana said...

wanna invite u to join up this contest
come come :)