Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Resepi: Kek Batik Mudah

Salam and good day readers....
How are you guys?
Hope you guys doing well in whatever you do.

I wanna share another simple recipe!
"Kek Batik''

I've included the pictures so that it will be easier as your reference kot? all in this picture is what you need for the 'Batik'...:)
Haha...Asda brand jer nampaknye ye.

It's so hard to find the condensed milk just like the F&N brand in Malaysia..
But this 1 not as sweet as 1 in Malaysia..kena tambah gula half cup untuk bahan ya~
*maybe coz Malaysian is sweeter~haha..takde kena ngena!:P*
And Marrie biscuits is hardly seen here ok?
* exaggeration kot..huahuahua!!*
But I replace with this type of biscuit which similarly taste like our biskut mery tu which so called 'Rich Tea'~:P
*All ingredients is suitable for vegetarian..
sini yang ade simbol 'V' tu lah yang d yakini halalan toiyiba~:P*

 Step 1: Patahkan beskot2 semekot itu yer!*Rosak bahasa*

 Step 2: Heat up the pot and melt the butter & chocolate

 See...they're melting..:P
*Ni pun nak tunjuk..tah pape*

 Step 3: Fully melted?Nah...Pour in the condensed milk ya...:)

 Step 4 : Let them mix,cooked and 'thick'..:P

 Step 5 : Now you can pour the chocs and mix with the bicuits ya..:)

And tadaaa.....!
Cool it down and store in your refrigerator..
Dah sejuk bolehlah potong2 minum teh...!
Senang je kan?
Cepat disediakan lagi..
try lah..
All da best..:)
Till then,
Cuddles and smoochies!!

Salam sayang dari Canterbury!


farah diaz said...

sedap kot!!~huhu..ermmmm...nk ckit!~

[AidA_aKiN] said...

kak nor~~! nk cket...wuwu...aida slalu buat guna milo...cedap jgk..^^ tapi kopak la milo mahal...hihi